Colocation in Khulna

Consider placing your servers and IT infrastructure in one of the top-tier data centers in Khulna, Bangladesh, provided by Optimus Technologies. Our offerings range from 1U/2U shared colocation to half or full locked cabinets. To enhance connectivity, our data centers are equipped with multiple IX connections, including BDIX, NIX, and more. For added redundancy, security, and backup, you can also distribute your servers acrosss different centers. Our robust private cloud infrastructure provides secure and scalable solutions for all your server requirements in Bangladesh.

Colocation in Khulna: Top-Tier Facilities at Our Data Centers

Experience top-tier Colocation in Khulna with our state-of-the-art facilities designed to meet your most demanding data needs. Our Khulna data centers are equipped with advanced security, high-performance connectivity options, and scalable infrastructure to support businesses of all sizes. Benefit from our reliable power systems, environmental controls, and 24/7 dedicated support, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Standard 42U Racks

Our standard racks measure 42U with dimensions of 600mm width by 1070mm depth, accommodating a wide range of equipment configurations.

Rack and Cold Aisle Containment

Included as standard, our rack and cold aisle containment configuration enhances cooling efficiency and energy savings.

High-Density Racks

Support high-density requirements with up to 9kW per rack capacity, allowing for powerful equipment setups as a standard feature.

Dual Power Feed (2N)

Each rack is equipped with a dual power feed from a continuous busway, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and enhanced reliability.

DC Power Availability

For DC powered equipment, we provide power from rectifiers, catering specifically to your hardware’s power needs.

N+1 Cooling System

Our cooling systems are configured for N+1 redundancy, guaranteeing consistent and efficient cooling to maintain optimal operating conditions.

Broad Telecom Operator Access

Gain access to a wide pool of telecom operators within our facilities, providing a range of choices for connectivity and bandwidth.

Industrial Socket for PDU

Each setup includes an industrial-grade socket for Power Distribution Units (PDU), ensuring safe and robust power distribution.

Cross Connects

Facilitate easy, secure, and efficient cross connects within the data center, boosting your network’s performance and connectivity.

Why Optimus Technologies?

Choose Optimus Technologies for your server colocation in Khulna, Bangladesh and experience unmatched reliability, security, and enterprise features on our redundant, high-performance network.

99.9% Network Uptime

Enjoy consistent and reliable connectivity, backed by our commitment to 99.9% network uptime, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

24/7 Dedicated Support

Access around-the-clock support from our dedicated team of experts, including on-site assistance, ready to help with any issue or inquiry to ensure continuous operation. Benefit from immediate, expert intervention for hardware troubleshooting, system updates, and other critical support needs, enhancing your service reliability and operational efficiency.


Find solutions and clarify doubts with our comprehensive frequently asked questions on Server Colocation in Khulna, Bangladesh

Server Colocation in Bangladesh at our data centers in Dhaka, Jashore, Khulna, Cumilla, and Chittagong offers multiple advantages, including strategic locations for optimal network connectivity and lower latency, access to multiple internet exchanges like BDIX and NIX for improved performance, and cost-effective solutions tailored to various needs from shared spaces to full cabinets.

Our Server Colocation in Bangladesh ensures top-tier security for your equipment with 24/7 monitored premises, biometric access controls, and advanced fire suppression systems. We prioritize the physical and cyber security of your infrastructure to provide you with peace of mind.

Scalability is a key feature of our Server Colocation service in Bangladesh. Whether you’re scaling up from a few units to multiple racks or need increased power and bandwidth, we offer flexible solutions that can grow with your business, ensuring that you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Our Server Colocation in Bangladesh offers exceptional connectivity options, including direct access to major IXPs and a robust internal network. Clients benefit from high-speed, low-latency connections, redundant network infrastructure, and partnerships with multiple carriers to ensure continuous connectivity.

Clients of our Server Colocation in Bangladesh can expect comprehensive support, available 24/7. Our team of experts provides on-site technical support, remote hands services, and proactive monitoring, ensuring rapid response times and effective resolution of any issues to maintain your operations smoothly.